Festival Afro Bahia invites you to celebrate the power of Water through dance, music and discussion.

Festival Afro Bahia is back again to celebrate the vibrant culture of Bahia and Brazil’ African heritage in Washington D.C.

The Afro-Bahia Festival is a week-long celebration of the culture of the state of Bahia in northern Brazil. The organizers will bring Bahian experts in music, tourism, dance, visual arts, cuisine, religion, and discussion of social issues to Washington D.C. Cultural ambassadors will present and share their expertise with audiences of all races and ages.

Events will occur at easily accessible times and locations and be of limited or zero cost in order to minimize barriers to accessing the rich cultural heritage offered. Our collaborators and partners will be key players in ensuring accessibility through their assistance with logistics, public outreach, and financial support.

Hybrid activities

Friday, July 29
6:30 pm – 9:00 pm Opening Celebration at Roda Movements, Taste of Bahia.

The mission of the festival is to decrease the cultural gap among all African descendants and to create awareness and exposure to the African Bahian Culture among  AfricanAmericans with emphasis on D.C. Residents.

You too can be part of this unique event featuring the vibrant sights, sounds, and tastes of Bahia. Celebrate the magic of this wonderful land and its people!